3 Ultimate Values of Global Sevilla as an Outstanding International School Jakarta

School is the best place for students to learn many things. They will gain some essential aspects of life including positive values ​​and academic goals. By studying at school, young learners will know what is right and what is not. Therefore, Global Sevilla applies three essential values ​​as the best international school Jakarta. Here is a further explanation of the ethics.

Values ​​of Life that Global Sevilla Teaches Young Learners

  1. Values ​​of Compassion

First, students will learn about behaving honestly and generously in the values ​​of compassion. This institution provides broad opportunities for young learners to understand and feel other people’s emotions from an empathetic attitude, including an attitude of helping each other. In addition, students will learn this important value to demonstrate a willingness to help others.

Global Sevilla provides an international curriculum to develop the values ​​of compassion for students from an early age as a whole. Students will learn the importance of helping others without focusing on differences – namely race, ethnicity, social background, religion, and finances. With that in mind, the young learners at Global Sevilla will learn that all humans are equal.

  1. Value Giving

In addition, the international school Jakarta also teaches the values ​​of giving and helping each other without expecting anything in return. Teaching the value of life can shape the habitual character of students to be generous to one another. Students need these grades to make a significant difference in their lives. Hence, young learners at Global Sevilla can spread a positive attitude to others.

  1. The Value of Self-Control

Self-control is one of the essential aspects to regulate the attitude response to someone. Thus, students can control unwanted behavior and achieve long-term goals. Thus, Global Sevilla teaches the value of self-control in their school curriculum. Students are expected to have these values ​​to get academic characteristics and a balanced attitude.

In other words, students learn about various skills in managing the performance of their thoughts, behaviors, and emotions simultaneously in the value of self-control. They will learn how to behave with people. It is a crucial aspect for students to form a positive character as students at the international school Jakarta. As a result, they can become good individuals at school and in society.

Overall, Global Sevilla helps shape mindsets and behaviors in students’ lives by implementing values ​​in schools. In this case, the school implements increasing self-control to respond positively. In addition, the value of giving can teach students to make a significant difference in their lives.