Before Treatment, First Check The Benefits and Prices of the Following Body Bleaching Treatments

For some people, appearing with brighter skin can make them more confident, one way to do this is by body bleaching treatment at the salon. Before you do the treatment, what are the benefits and how much does the body bleaching treatment cost at the salon? Marsha Beauty will cover it for you in this article.

Actually, the exotic skin color of Indonesian women is a good color and doesn’t need much change, but we still need to keep it glowing and not look dull. With the help of a body treatment called bleaching, it will make you look different, your skin will be brighter, smoother and auto glowing. 

Girls, even though it’s still in a pandemic condition, there are already several salons around you that have opened body care services, from head to toe. Let’s discuss in detail about body bleaching!

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The benefits of body whitening are really perfect

body whitening treatment

Caring for the body with bleaching today has no doubt the benefits that make the skin whiter, brighter and flushed. 

If you want to do this treatment, you should pay attention to the price of body bleaching treatments at the salon you visit. You can survey first or look for references on the internet. Make sure the bleaching at the salon uses a safe formula, Girls!

The following are the benefits of body bleaching treatments that you must know:

  • Evens out skin pigment

The skin pigment in the folds of the body is usually darker in color. This is caused by the folds of fat in the area that affect the pigment of the skin. With the bleaching process, you will be able to even out the skin pigment in the area

So, the same skin color will make you more confident, right, Girls? To get other benefits such as softer skin, you can use the best body lotion that suits your skin condition.

  • Brightening without side effects

The bleaching method will work effectively, quickly and without side effects in whitening the body’s skin, as long as you still do it within reasonable limits. 

It is recommended for you to do bleaching at least once every 2 months. This frequency is certainly the safest. If you do it too often, it will damage your skin pigment. 

  • Disguise scars

Bleaching is not only done to whiten the skin, you know, Girls! If you have a scar or surgery that interferes with your appearance, you can bleach the scar area. The result is very impressive, 80% of the wound will be covered with new skin color. 

  • Covering the fur

The formula contained in bleaching products can actually make the hair on your feet and hands feel faint. Hair that looks thick will be thinner. Bleaching is believed to be effective in eroding the color and thickness of the hair on the body. 

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Body Bleaching Treatment Price

There are many treatments at the salon, of course, Girls. Starting from washing hair, cream bath, makeup, body scrub, facial, manicure pedicure to body bleaching. All types of treatments have different price rates. For bleaching your own body, you have to prepare a minimum of IDR 100,000. 

Prices in each salon are of course different. As mentioned above, Marsha Beauty recommends that you do a survey first. Do not hesitate to consult first.

One more thing you should know, taking care of the body and face will be much better if it is done continuously and balanced with healthy food intake. Bleaching your face and body makes you look more charming.